ICTs and Civil Society: Nigeria

Web Resources

Here are some great links to helpful web resources - everything from software to manage your organization's budget to blogs discussing the latest social media news in Nigeria.


Tools and Software

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging service, characterized by frequent, short 140-character updates that allow for real-time tracking of events and trends.

bit.ly is a free URL shortening service that allows you to take long URLs and shorten them to under 25 characters, making it easier to share links.

MobileActive.org  is an international community of people using mobile technology for social change. They provide a wealth of resources (such as guides, case studies, mobile tools, and data) to help NGOs leverage mobile technology effectively for advocacy and communication.

NGOPulse is a project of the South Africa-based organization SANGONet, serving as an information portal designed to fit the needs of the African NGO sector.

Ushahidi is a free platform that allows any individual or organization to gather information sent by citizen journalists by mobile, email, or the web and visualize the information using maps and other techniques. This idea arose out of the Kenya post-election crisis in 2008, when this method was used to track and report acts of violence. The platform is currently still in testing mode.

FrontlineSMS is free software, designed for use by NGOs in developing countries, that allows the user to send and receive text messages with large groups of people through mobile phones.

Guides and How-Tos

Rising Voices' Introduction to Global Citizen Media offers accessible instruction on the basics of citizen journalism, including blogging, publishing digital photo and video, and creating podcasts. It is available for download in multiple languages.

Tactical Tech Collective, an organization dedicated to helping NGOs maximize the benefits of ICTs, has created an amazing colleciton of free guides and toolkits that can help with everything from daily management of an organization to effectively communicating your message. Each toolkit contains free tools and software, strategical guides, and how-tos. 

The Human Centered Design Toolkit, developed by prominent design firm IDEO, is a free resource to help NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America design creative solutions for social impact.

The RSF Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents is a comprehensive blogging guidebook, covering topics like how to set up a blog, blogging ethics, and increasing traffic to your blog.

The DigiActive Guide to Twitter for Activism gives you all the information you need to start using this valuable tool to promote your organization's cause and reach out to your audience.

Related Organizations

Afrigator is a "social media aggregator and directory built especially for African digital citizens who publish and consume content on the Web."

PenPlusBytes provides training in ICT-related skills for African journalists.

Global Voices aggregates and translates blog posts by citizen journalists from around the world.

The African Elections Project focuses on using ICTs as a tool to raise awareness and media coverage of elections in West Africa.

Kabissa is a network and communication platfrom that helps connect organizations and individuals working for social change in Africa.

Related Blogs

White African writes on the changes that new information technology brings to Africa.

Ethan Zuckerman of the Berkman Center records his thoughts on international development, media, and Africa in his personal blog.

AfriGadget showcases innovative solutions to everyday problems from around the African continent.

Beth's Blog, by Beth Kanter, is all about how nonprofit organizations can use social media.

Gbenga Sesan is the Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria and you can read about what he's been doing in his blog.

InfoActivist is Adam Thompson's blog where he writes about ICT and social inclusion.

Justice and Human Rights Forum is a new blog recently created by conference participants.